Dopey 414: Getting Dusted with Dante Ross, Hip Hop, PCP, Beastie Boys, Trauma, Cocaine, Alcohol, Weed, Recovery

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The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“Whew! I’m happy you’re feeling better, Dave.I most definitely lose my spiritual fitness throughout the day but I keep trying. It’s just that some...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“Dave if you ever come to siesta key Florida you have to come our beach meeting!!...”

– Radik Stettler

“This podcast is a great reminder of my former life. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, but always real. Dave gets some of the best guests...”

– djwalden

“That Frankenstein Dopey shirt is, well… Dope! #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb

“You have some of the same books as Amy Hopler Mitchell does. Great minds think alike....”

– Chris Mitchell

“Always here for Tom MacDonald! ❤️ Thanks so much for putting this out! Have a Wonderful Week! Much Love ❤️ Should check out Kydd!...”

– Tina Stephens

“DOPEY is a very effective first Wordle word. try it! looking forward to seeing Howie! Have a great day Dave!...”

– Roy G. Biv

“I really hope Nova and tom have a baby soon...”

– KillerCutie

“Wow! that was super great! Hope you sing a tune for us on the regular!...”

– Debby Szatmari

“You just wouldn't listen to me about the Gout…...”

– Tommy Savage

“Keen sense of who is who. Recovery heaps w this ✌...”

– Carla Dandy


– Scottie Beanz

“So Tom when are you going to go through that binder your dad brought by the Crib and Give us a "Vintage Tom" Tune?...”

– Michael Ash

“Oh Howie. The videos look fine. Then again I'm an Underachiever. Dr Bob and the Oldtimers? Great band. On a serious note, practice is...”

– Splintered Space

“unlike most your comments here. I happen to love Tom. appreciate you putting this out. I've never seen this interview and I thoroughly enjoyed...”

– bubbles bubbles

“I needed to hear the “what bugs” about AA. I don’t feel like a jerk now! … Secondly, it’s been a privilege getting older...”

– T Ehrenverth

“Smilin joe the guitar player?...”

– Fab Orwick

“You both look beautiful and there is a whole new rack of books for everyone to obsess over! It’s so strange what I am...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“First off it was a pretty good pod cast; yes I listened to the whole cast it’s 4:35am. Although there are several things Tom...”

– King_Fisher187

“Celtics baby 🍀...”

– Birdman Drug Stories

“I think it's sad a woman got the Oscar for best director for the first time in 93 years and yet testosterone is eclipsing...”

– Noelia González

“Ya know, as goofy as this morning thing is, it reminds me daily of recovery….an thats a good thing. Oh, yeah an 2 things….Teddy...”

– jeffrey loparto

“As time passes I like Howie more and more....”

– Kevin Keever

“Were they expensive?...”

– Ani Mockler

“My higher power can kick your higher power’s ass....”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Dave , u guys are definetly baked, not fried. Cooking with opiates. Definetly keep the politics nixed……more evil than drugs. Re-connecting with people can...”

– jeffrey loparto

“You’re gunna crush it at Dopey Conn Brochacho because you’re the great David M we all love !! When Motley Crue was the biggest...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“rants are always welcome!...”

– Henri

“Jerry might of been an Alien because of the pull of his energy , he told me in 1988 that he was tiered so...”

– Bunny Beckman

“To me, Self pity is when you get caught up feeling sorry for yourself- try to take the same situation and look for the...”

– Marla Gould

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