Dopey 430: The Booze, Brilliance Horrible Crack Addiction and Sensational Storytelling of Steve Poltz, Jewel, Neil Young, Sean Penn, psilocybin, recovery, Grape Drank

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The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“Dude has an amazing hairline....”

– Brian Ajax Wintor

“Loved this podcast!!! Yes New York!! My home town...”

– Andrew

“that was awesome!! i dont think ive ever had that big of a smile on my face at 6:30am befiore. lol...”

– Nicolette Woods

“Howie Echo...”

– Splintered Space

“Damnit I am so jealous of that hoodie Dave! They look great! Still waiting on mine....”

– Jeremy Duschl

“Absolutely LOVE this podcast. If you are in active addiction, recovery or love someone who is afflicted, you will love the insight Dave &...”

– Sprinkify

“The part where he talks about when he gets all dizzy and gets pale from drinking, I’ve experienced that exact same thing, istg....”

– Yung Valentino

“I was going to make the joke that if Raw Hebrew Remnant was a mohel, he could definitely give you some tips. But then...”

– Brian Homa

“Barbie's Abortion "So Many Miles To Go"”

– choops4683

“Live at the park? I stopped using so I wouldn't have to live at the park!...”

– Foreign User

“Love this Dave thank you … and look at him Fentanyl JAY being famous...”

– Deborah aguilar martinez

“When I try to help someone and realize that I really can’t fix their problems but I can try to listen and give support...”

– Ben Lemberg

“white grapefruit juice (1:15:00)...”

– tim greenglass

“Happy birthday, Howie! My grandma would've been 109 today....”

– Rox1SMF


– Roy G. Biv

“Thank God it’s Monday! Said no one ever…...”

– Brandon D. Forrest

“Erin is the best 👌...”

– Bakednotfried1

“This remains my favorite podcast for the last 6 months. Was working my way backwards, now started from the beginning. Such good heart from...”

– Papa Esteban

“I love NOFX 3000...”

– Satriakusuma Oka

“Love hearing comments, read more of them! Shout out to Howard 'Beach' 'Boombox' Buxbaum! @Sloppy R. Jones does bring the best comments. Amy Hopler...”

– Brendan Lamb

“TU for the daily reflections i had 1 yr on the 7th its part of my daily rourine no mo what...”

– christopher green

“Dopey rules...”

– jeremy turner

“I break out the daily reflections book & read along every day. I like your interpretations. Vigilance is the action or state of keeping...”

– Paul

“Yea it's sad about Mike. He's funny and one of my.favorotes but he's living a lie. His whole demeanor and life it seems,I don't...”

– D Dub

“Thank you for showing up everyday for us...”

– Olivia Wyatt

“Dave this is heart warming and first class x...”

– Emma Seers

“I love this podcast. I listen to this everyday all day while I’m working. My employees think I’m crazy because I’m constantly laughing to...”

– tmm1102

“You guys are doing great, hang in there. We love ya!...”

– Isaac Kennedy

“Your accountability to making this every morning gives me accountability to watch. Thanks, Dave! And the 24/7 Dopey Zoom was great this weekend, a...”

– T Ehrenverth

“handsome guys!...”

– space radish

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