Dopey 357: Stealing drugs from your dead Grandma with Ryley Walker, Midwest, heroin, ketamine, PCP recovery

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The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“Jesus. This is so much more than an interview. Thank you for this....”

– E F

“Slop G-list 5/21/22:– Princess Kate Middleton's face -trey spruance's guitar sound-Fury 325– chick fil a-Napalm Death– Lilian Penelope Gretchen Barbara Gilroy's tail-Honda Motor Corp-Pony...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Dopey Gang 🤟🏻👽🚀...”

– Scottie Beanz


– choops4683

“Ps. My God Charlotte is gorgeous. So glad she is alive and sober...”

– MrDickvegas

“Sharing something with another alcoholic and feeling at peace with it was its own miracle itself for me in the program. There were things...”

– Sloppy R. Jones


– Radik Stettler

“To me, Self pity is when you get caught up feeling sorry for yourself- try to take the same situation and look for the...”

– Marla Gould

“HEY QUESTION plz answer Did Nikki Six cover Good So Bad? I was listening to it at the end of his interview crying to...”

– Russell

“I can’t take howey seriously...”

– Radik Stettler

“GOAT 💗...”

– Nicole Cummings

“HOG 4 Ever!...”

– WiLLiS


– Mr. Poison_Rose

“this guy is adorable...”

– vaxxdnrelaxd

“Fuego 🔥😈...”

– Brian

“I was going to make the joke that if Raw Hebrew Remnant was a mohel, he could definitely give you some tips. But then...”

– Brian Homa

“Bullish as fuck...”

– rjtubelol

“I like it....”

– Thomas Askjellerud

“That was FANTASTIC 🔥 🔥 🔥 Thank-you ❤❤❤...”

– Tasha Lee

“Dave &(Chris) As I listen to the begin episodes, all I hear is passion, joy, love and debauchery!! The Nation always will long for...”

– IchibanE38

“Love ya Tom, keep it up...”

– Glen Perales

“Some of the best advice comes from juice bar owners. Better than any head shrinker. She must have been a disme piece. A carrot...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“This is, by far , my favorite video. Thank You! Thank you……....”

– Bill Rawls

“Thanks guys! I love and fear you both. ❤️✌🏼...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“"Forever In Debt" Love it!! Im like Chris… This is my favorite song you do...”

– William Paiva

“I did enjoy seeing Erin. I love when you share the daily reflections with somebody else, it looks like you enjoy doing this more...”

– Noelia Gonzalez Barrancos

“I am always guilty of judgmeantalism (sp?) and I'm prone to anger. But, when I was in treatment and earlier recovery I chose to...”

– Braden Scheib

“Chris Roc pokes- that’s his shtick. I heard that Chris Roc did not know that Jada Smith has alopecia, but either way, I think...”

– Marla Gould

“shout out to this epic pod. thank you both luv u guys...”

– Amber Langbehn

“Born and raised in Alberta i can tell you that what Tom says about bullies is the truth. I was on both sides of...”

– Tyler Ward

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