Dopey 396:The Full On Low Down Dopey with Chloe La Branche and Fentanyl Jay, Prison, Ketamine, Kratom, Xanax, heroin, recovery

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The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“Love this. Dave keep going hard in the paint!!! Let’s gooooo!...”

– Kevin Keever

“Ps. My God Charlotte is gorgeous. So glad she is alive and sober...”

– MrDickvegas

“Love this!...”

– Marla Gould

“Great stuff! Manageability or unmanageability is a sliding scale that’s great we grow and life change and something that worked before might not now....”

– Debby Szatmari

“I just boarded my red eye flight ✈️ from Des Moines heading to Dopeycon!! 🥳...”

– brady Peck

“My deepest apology to the GMD crew for all the tom foolery and grab ass this morning. May all your days be sunny and...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Happy Overdose Awareness Day and thanks for the shoutout, Dave! Glad you’re feeling better. I always tell folks to be wary of not just...”

– Avissa

“I think there is a chance you’ll miss doing these. Lol....”

– Kevin Keever

“Awesome ❤️ Thanks #Hangovergang...”

– Tina Stephens

“Right on for 7 years! My brain 'exits my head' every time I speak at a meeting … at Dopey Patreon too. Speaking of...”

– T Ehrenverth

“Good morning Dopey Nation!!! Good morning Dave and Evan!!! I have loved this session… It may have been all over the place to you...”

– Samantha Newborn

“Howard Beach aka Fresh Meadows… He'll come around to it. #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb

“I’m going to miss Ryan. R.I.P. Shaky Jake — Palabra foo—...”

– ShawnP

“Sincerely funny, heart wrenching and a significant contributor to the time I have. Thanks for inviting me along your journey....”

– TomWAC

“As Howard Beach would say "We might not be able to restore all the harms we did in the past but we must attempt...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“This podcast is fire! From episode 1 to over 300 there are so many laughs and heartaches, and it’s always interesting. Dave is a...”

– Chelsey w

“Que preciosa voz encantó !!!...”

– Mary Laura Gomez Antay

“Hey 👋 DaveMy sister is flying out for DopeyconShe wants to do some sightseeing in New York. What place or places do you recommend...”

– Jamie Hasegawa

“Thanks 🙏 🇺🇲! Love starting my day with you! 💕 Have a Wonderful Week! #Hangovergang #Nova #Creeksquad #Dopey...”

– Tina Stephens

“I'm in recovery, I smoke bud and oil and take subs. Recovery for me means no heroin or opiates or crack or hard drugs.I...”

– Craig Shewchuk

“I totally relate to him when he talks about having seizures while driving. I dont know what it is, but i had that issue...”

– Omar Slim

“Very nice! it is nice to hear out loud the things you know someone feels. You are doing an amazing thing here, for others...”

– Debby Szatmari

“We're united in our brokenness, our unhealthy responses to stress, our first instinct to seek oblivion, to dissociate, to disconnect from what ails us....”

– Rox1SMF

“Keen sense of who is who. Recovery heaps w this ✌...”

– Carla Dandy

“I got my attention I love how you tell it how it is u must make the snowflakes cry . Since listening to your...”

– des young

“Absolutely Love! Keep up the good work!...”

– colonel-forbin-

“Thanks for the morning message! 😘...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“RIP Ryan 💔🙏😢💔...”

– juliet silver

“My moms dogs names are bagelah and yentl...”

– Debby Szatmari

“Both of you look great. Cool apartment, too....”

– Ani Mockler

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