Dopey 377: Rock N Roll Royalty with Carnie Wilson! the Beach Boys, Weed, Booze, Ambien, Anxiety, Ghost Stories and Recovery

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“In all my elegant expansive knowledge of God, the earth, spirituality and this here universe I know one damn thing for sure. That is...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“I recommend a reading from a Daily reflection book from Hazelden such as Days of Healing, Days of Joy. It may have some quotes...”

– Michele Cazalas

“Hotdogs 😳 I can’t 😂 my cheeks hurt...”

– Kimberly Johnson Pemberton

“Beautiful lake!...”

– Debby Szatmari

“A perfect interview. Right questions. Honest answers that made you want to hear more....”

– Xj18A

“Dopey Gang 😈🤘🏻🎆...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Pretending to take a leak, and wondering why the fuck am I doing this. I can 100% relate....”

– 000tech-4-less000

“Dooooo. Dooooooo. Dooooooooopppeeeeyyyy ☮️...”

– ßugs Skywatcher Mckenzie

“Go to the doctor, don't go blind!...”

– Brendan Lamb

“Great episode I did skip 28:00 to Gabor....”

– nobodyMoby

“im not on that step yet. but im ready. nothing changes if nothing changes. my defects no longer serve me for the lifestyle that...”

– Nicolette Woods

“Thomas would be an absolute dream as a Dad to a little girl ‼️Get busy you two H.O.G. FAM forever. 🤗❣️🤗...”

– Cindy V

“Hi. I’m a 68 year old woman who loves this podcast. I have stories, maybe I will share. Norma...”

– Xxxxxxxxooooooooo

“Last week, after I listened to the (then) latest Dopey podcast, I listened to the Mackenzie Phillips one, which I hadn't back in the...”

– Noelia Gonzalez Barrancos

“I accept the echo with Dave and Howies mikes....”

– Kevin Keever

“Best cover of the Lavern & Shirley theme song I have heard in a long time and then a snappy solid reflection! Gold star!...”

– Debby Szatmari

“You are forgiven my dude. You need som sleep ! Rest up brochacho!...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Surrender to win! Classic AA concept that I love. Your Leather Jew in Florida description cracked me up because it’s spot on. Happy Father’s...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“I found this podcast via This American Life and it has become one of my most listen to podcasts and I'm not even an...”

– Madzzzzzae

“Dopey Gang 🤪❤️🏋🏻‍♂️~ #DopeyLIVE 😎...”

– Scottie Beanz

“One of my favorite episodes. For anybody that wants to see the dope book they show it in ANthony Bourdains final show”

– Splintered Space

“Where’s howie?!...”

– Steffanie Roberts

“So crazy I grew up 30 minutes away from this guy...”

– AdamJBoss

“Loved this morning message today! I was driving to work listening at 6:20 when I had a worker call out sick. It’s a holiday...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“#hangovergang Forever ❤️...”

– Tessimistic420

“Shouts outs to jay , dave , howie....”

– Sam Krupnik

“I went with my mom to meetings a lot as a kid. I think I turned out ok lol...”

– mlott0433

“Got my DOPEYCON tickets flying out from Aspen Colorado !!!!!!! You are the best have helped me immensely and make me fuckin laugh!!!! I...”

– Jenny Nic

“love Dave and Howies take on the this classic text. It’s fun, not boring, and certainly not delivered from the HiLLToP as I have...”

– Brandon D. Forrest

“Racists comes in all colors and if people are looking for racism, they are going to find it even when it's not there....”

– Stacey Mavilia

Dopey 376: Dopey 376: Performance Artist, John Bukaty and his journey to overcome trauma and a life of excess. Art, cocaine, booze, psychedelics, weed, recovery

Dopey 375: Better call Stahl! Jerry Stahl is on Dopey! Heroin! Crack! Opium up the ass whilst doing headstands, depression, Permanent Midnight, Nein! Nein! Nein!

Dopey 374: “Jersey” Jerry from Barstool Sports, growing up with a hardcore dealing dad, the Steelers ,selling pills, sex on opiates, infinite rehabs, suboxone, heroin, a crack love affair, recovery

Dopey 373: The Cocaine Episode with Ingrid Casares, freebase, making Sex with Madonna, Miami, Club Life, Addiction, Rehab, Recovery

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