Dopey Tuesday Patreon Teaser with The Return of Moshe Kosher! Artie Lange! Drinking! Burning Man! Recovery! AA!

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The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“The Chris Farley Show was a great book with tons of insights for anyone who loves Farley....”

– Vub

“Been listening for years now, best podcast out there in my opinion. Dave has done a great job picking things up and carrying the...”

– Jay$$420

“It's got to be Howard Beach…aka Howie B… aka Howard Beans… aka Howard B Nice. #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb

“A dopey duet video every now and then would be sensational. You guys are genuine crooners! Can i be so bold to request you...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“This was inspirational. I don't comment very often, well not in a personal or serious way. But i wanted to say that this gives...”

– K Dubs

“I’m a child and grandchild of alcoholics and drug addicts who has had several substance abuser partners, without having addiction issues myself (my generational...”

– irregularcycle

“handsome guys!...”

– space radish

“Dopey Gang🧼🚿🛀 – 😜😝...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Hank III ❤...”

– @fairwind8222

“Love ya Dave....”

– Chadwick Smith

“I've heard so many wonderful things about magic mushrooms but I can't easily get some, Is there any realiable source I can purchase from??...”

– Lisa Davidson

“obsessed w this pod. how did it take me so long to find it? Almost done listening to all 400 eps for the first...”

– chowdowwn

“the uncomfortableness of the chairs was the very first thing I noticed...”

– AAA Content

““ UNITY!!” All I can picture is Charlie Murphy on the old Dave Chappell show telling the story of Rick James punching him in...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“Dopey Gang 💪🏼💜😈 #DopeyDay...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Love that shirt 🌹💀✌🏼 Thanks for the message and your service Dave!...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“I feel I know you like that was so awesome. Thank you for sharing your life. I can't wait to see you at a...”

– Patricia Howland

“Beautiful! Waking up to have music was a joy and the 2nd duetish one literally brought tears is was so sweet ....”

– Debby Szatmari

“The dubious luxury of aging is so true. Thanks for doing this....”

– Pj Kelly

“So many parallels with recovery and gardening. There are all the obvious ones- the planting of seeds, nurturing the new growth, pruning the older...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“Dopey Gang! 😈🚀...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Hey bro, I didn't know shit about you or your podcast. But you have a new fan! Thanks....”

– Mikey

“More of this kinda stuff and your youtube will get bigger. Promise. I wont miss a single one. Loved it....”

– 力mrmans484力

“I had that arrest paper back in the 90s....”

– Scott Crowley

“I hung with Jerry for weeks in the summer of 1989 in Hawaii. We smoked some weed but he was off pills and powders....”

– TheNaturalust

“I’m a massive fan, over from the podcast. Great to see ‘in the flesh’.Edit. Toodles!...”

– MJHay

“I don't think that's a relapse....”

– Kayla Shaw

“Great show. Subscribing. I was a major deadhead fiend. I stopped doing drugs. But I do pot and shrooms. I microdose shrooms every day....”

– erold croft

“Please twll me there is moreee...”

– mmartinez9802

“Fucking beautiful....”

– Sarah Altizer

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