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The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

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dop·​ey | \ ˈdō-pē \

The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

Dope(Y) Fiend

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Dopey 357: Stealing drugs from your dead Grandma with Ryley Walker, Midwest, heroin, ketamine, PCP recovery



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GOOD MORNING DOPEY! Dopey Daily Reflections. 5/23

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Smack Talk

The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“i loved him deffenetly been there...”

– Deborah aguilar martinez

“I love the Chris mug shot pin! I think one of the best feelings of belonging in AA is when I’ve been to meetings...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“so glad I found this podcast! bob is a great interviewer and host. highly recommend looking through all episodes lots of good guests....”

– american_greed

“That was awesome! Thank you...”

– Michael Wood

“You almost lost me when you said you have no interest in the Chris Franz book. It’s an awesome book that dishes a lot...”

– Ani Mockler

“I like these. It keeps me in check. Some days I can't listen to a whole podcast so for me it helps. Thanks Dopey...”

– Splintered Space

“Yeah you’re a solid B- interviewer. Most of the folks I know that fashion the 1 tooth look are usually robust characters. Looking forward...”

– Sloppy R. Jones


– John Portman

“First off it was a pretty good pod cast; yes I listened to the whole cast it’s 4:35am. Although there are several things Tom...”

– King_Fisher187


– Matthew Wedemeier

“Interesting concept, for sure. Good luck, Dope Heads!...”

– Rox1SMF

“I get a kick out of people stealing the AA donations. It’s the best because I mean, what do you expect?...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“💚#HOGARMY 💥🔥💥🔥💥 Excellent interview!...”

– Kathy Borthwick

“You have a beautiful, glorious, plush head of hair David...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“What a talent!!! You put alot of heart in that. Just like your shows!!!...”

– Chris Mitchell

“The name of the icecream should be Double Dough Dopey with chocolate chip dough and PB dough....”

– Grace Montague

“i fucken love your jams Tom...”

– Herschel Richardson

“wheres the full interview??...”

– bubbles bubbles

“i LOVE THIS , iam sitting in discomfort rn and this is helping going back to daily reflections and your podcast with Chris since...”

– Deborah aguilar martinez

“Thanks guys!...”

– brady P

“Honeycrisp apples for sure!...”

– Brendan Lamb

“Tom is definitely in his own lane, and bravo to him. He’s doing it, independently. 🔥 #HOG...”

– Yvonne Yvette

“Jesus. This is so much more than an interview. Thank you for this....”

– E F

“Super fucking irresponsible to bring an unvaxxed person in and put sick ppl at risk....”

– Don Wooganowski

“Most awesome Tom interview ever! Thank you!...”

– Debbie H.

“This looks like the shirt tom wore during HOW THE WEST WAS WON....”

– Ryan McCain

“Why is Howie absent?...”

– Cliff Williams

“Thank you so much for uploading the interview,I clicked so fast as soon as I saw this😍😬😬😬😬...”

– Deborah aguilar martinez

“have no idea what moon knight? moonlight? is lol love this though...”

– Deborah aguilar martinez

“I like his story. I can relate. Withdrawal is the worst thing ever....”

– Micah Langley