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The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

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dop·​ey | \ ˈdō-pē \

The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

Dope(Y) Fiend

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Dopey 388: Confessions of a Crystal Meth Dealer; Rehab, Jail, Alcohol, Wealth, Aspen, Cocaine, Recovery



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Dopey 388: Confessions of a Crystal Meth Dealer; Rehab, Jail, Alcohol, Wealth, Aspen, Cocaine, Recov

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Smack Talk

The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?


– brady P

“Good morning!!! That was a good one!! My sponsor tells me as I do my 4th step, remember the things you're writing about isn't...”

– Isaac Kennedy

“Absolutely loved this podcast both of you were so good at feeding off each other and keeping it very interesting and moving along so...”

– Adam G

“Were they expensive?...”

– Ani Mockler

“just amazing hog4life...”

– john mccarthy

“Great to see the band back together again!!...”

– Chris Mitchell

“The only stupid question is an unasked question. You let'em know Tom. So Tom, when are you going to go through the old binder...”

– Michael Ash

“Howie a dry drunk?...”

– Ani Mockler

“A friend turned me on to dopey about a year ago and it is one of the few podcast I actually look forward to...”

– Speco Guy

“The sun is reflecting off the lake and emitting spirituality into you. You’re a sniffling, wheezing youtubin’ slogan entity. I know you don’t want...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Hey Dave, Just wanted to tell you how much your podcast means for me and my recovery. I’ve both laughed and cried listening. Thank...”

– Mbsledder

“Thanks for passing the message jay jay...”

– Dan Urech

“Ryan's my favorite story teller and is one hell of a guy he's an inspiration 2 me he opened my eyes to all of...”

– Michael Russakoff

“DOPEY GANG 😈💜🤘🏻...”

– Scottie Beanz

“im grateful for goodmorning dopey. i stumbled across your youtube channel because im a huge fan of tom macdonald. and now i listen to...”

– Nicolette Woods

“I’m a relatively new listener and have been amazed how much content you put out. No wonder you feel like you can’t keep up,...”

– Mary Spranger

“A friend and I across county lines read this together this morning....”

– Jeneral Dethray

“Shout out to open-mindedness! #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb

“Tom is THE ICON of this century. Period....”

– Beth McNulty

“an hour in i’m imagining the scene in goodfellas where we think Jimmy is gonna take out Karen…….....”



– Jareb Kewley

“David, we love you and it's all good! Thanks for what you do. Toodles...”

– Deena Banner

“Jerry Stahl interview was great Andy Roy !!!!...”

– Sam Krupnik

“See all that sh$t with some clarity…………. if only. Thanks Dave! 💓...”

– Roy G. Biv

“Drugs, Addiction and Dumbshit… alright...”

– MrMotherfuck123

“Incredible interview. Great questions and great letting him open up like most people won't...”

– Pops

“im not on that step yet. but im ready. nothing changes if nothing changes. my defects no longer serve me for the lifestyle that...”

– Nicolette Woods

“Completely agree on MGK. My jury is still out on Posty. SSDN...”

– Jayne Street

“Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine BigButtt.Online Brünette und eine anderew Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4...”

– yuthgfdsfas dwsaeqwe

“Flonase is the only thing that worked for me. From 3 to 4 attacks a week to 1 or 2 a year. Worth a...”

– Tanuki Strider