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The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

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dop·​ey | \ ˈdō-pē \

The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t


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Dopey 456: NEW TRAUMATIC, TWEAKER, GARBAGE HEAD CRAZY TOWN EPISODE IS UP with Dina La Fonte! PLUS MY DAD IS BACK! Trauma, Adderall Psychosis, Poverty, Homeless, Molly, Ketamine, Recovery



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Dopey 455: "I Busted Less Nuts Than I Sh!t, Which was None." - Truanon's Brace Belden, Shooting hero

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Smack Talk

The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“Never gets old...”

– Russell

“This is great, Glad I found you...”

– Willis Jefferson

“That chocolate thunder bud was made in Hartford CT and NY state in the 80s and is actually now grown medically and can be...”

– Craig Shewchuk

“I love this interview Tom is unique I'm so grateful for him just love him real as real can be!...”

– crystal kaiser

“We've got shroom varieties 🍄, DMT, LSD available for your coolest trips and microdosing here (see channel name)🍄🍫...”


“I wonder if Tom MacDonald has autism no disrespect I have autism myself...”

– Heather Snyder

“Thank you for letting Tom speak and not talking over him. So many potentially great interviews are ruined by the interviewer testing the guest...”

– Charles Looney

“I found this podcast via This American Life and it has become one of my most listen to podcasts and I'm not even an...”

– Madzzzzzae


– Jessica Kent

“Tom is definitely in his own lane, and bravo to him. He’s doing it, independently. 🔥 #HOG...”

– Yvonne Yvette

“Maybe Artie is why Chris lost his sobriety 😩...”

– Kimberly Johnson Pemberton

“ive been going through panic attacks for the last 4 years,doctors missed diagnosed me with bipolar and forcing me to take a shot every...”

– Lloyd Hamilton

“It seems that if you are overwhelmed with too many tasks before DopeyCon, then take one thing off your list. You definitely do not...”

– Roy G. Biv

“Super funny Leone throws in the vanity fair lie....”


“Dopey GANG 😈💜🙌🏻...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Very good interview....”

– James Schildt

“Every time I hear this man I love him more and more. Such a bown to earth young man. He gets it. We would...”

– John Davis

“No. Matter. What. Get your ass to a meeting. And No. Matter. What. Don't pick up. Dopey's right....”

– Robin Aberg

“Dead & Co. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...”

– CB

“I cant detach myself from hearing the like and subscribe bell that goes off during the reading. Love you guys....”

– Pat Topo

“Another podcaster who loves the sound of his own voice.. let your guest talk...”

– bryguy07

“Good morning Dopey. Did you wear the Gazzrlle glasses with Kangol hat...”

– Bakednotfried1

“Best podcast in recovery ever!! And one of my top 3 podcasts of all time. Love Dave his interview style. He asks the questions...”

– anitapod

“Why the echo howie? Let me know when you move past it and I’ll watch again....”

– Kevin Keever

“Love the show love the concept love the stories but the host interrupts too much !!!!!!!!!!STOP! sometimes they’re about to say something I wanna...”

– Mary_Bus

“What a delightful DM dopey show. You're crushing it holmes !...”

– Sloppy R. Jones

“Dopey Gang 😎🚀🛸# BoatLife...”

– Scottie Beanz

“Couple of things, 1 it's Chimo,Chomo must be east coast, 2 love this guy, totally related to him, I poured over all the beats...”

– Chadwick Smith

“diphenhydramine exacerbates restless leg syndrome....”

– tim greenglass


– John Portman