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The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

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dop·​ey | \ ˈdō-pē \

The podcast about Drugs, Addiction, and Dumb Sh#t

Dope(Y) Fiend

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Dopey 403: Confessions of an Ecstasy Dealer. Plus Fentanyl Jay’s Last Hoorah, Weed, Molly, Heroin, Coaine, LSD, Recovery



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Dopey 402: Confessions of a Fentanyl Dealer pt. 4 with Fentanyl Jay plus Stoner Sex with Pam Gaslow,

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Smack Talk

The Dopey Nation has a lot to say about our show. What are your thoughts?

“You gotta do more of these Dave!! I would love to help with sound effects and music...”

– logan ryder

“I’m a relatively new listener and have been amazed how much content you put out. No wonder you feel like you can’t keep up,...”

– Mary Spranger

“☝️he has varieties of psychedelic products 🍄shrooms,cid~e.t.c🍄…....”

– mycology_cartels on Instagram..

“Ur rite, show is much better when just wakin' up and you're all goofy .😎...”

– jeffrey loparto

“Good morning Dopey...”

– Bakednotfried1

“I loved this incredible and honest interview...”

– Luann Jarvis

“Didn't realize how much I would miss the Daily Reflections until it wasn't here. My morning routine was all discombobulated!...”

– Jeremy Duschl

“I love dopey and never comment or email to let you know. So now I am. This was a good daily reflection that I...”

– Recoverbygrowing

“Evan, I think when you hit your eye you had what is called a hypnagogic jerk, aka a sleep start. It happens before you...”

– Marla Gould

“is there an alien spaceship landing on the beach?...”

– Roy G. Biv


– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“What a talent!!! You put alot of heart in that. Just like your shows!!!...”

– Chris Mitchell

“What an intense interview. Thanks Johnny and Dave. Wow!!!...”

– already taken.

“Dave has really done a great job with this podcast. Considering everything that has happened he keeps getting great guests and I really enjoy...”

– unstable genius

“Is that a glove molded into ✌ on the wall? 👀 Love that!...”

– Rox1SMF

“I'm still on the methadone. 120mg a day for a year and a half now. It definitely isn't the greatest BUT it's better than...”

– Johnny Utah

“I have to say I love the daily reflections but I hate the preachy "God, God, God" language of AA. Even though I get...”

– Noelia Gonzalez Barrancos

“Hope is incredibly powerful and important. Thank you Dave, Howie and Erin. #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb

“I always forget how great Ray’s theme song is!...”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“I got my attention I love how you tell it how it is u must make the snowflakes cry . Since listening to your...”

– des young

“Yea! Thanks for the book tour, Dave. Back in the day you learned a lot about a person by their bookshelves and CD collection....”

– Amy Hopler Mitchell

“Just got home from work. Can’t wait for this one ☝️...”

– Birdman Drug Stories

“keep the YouTube Dopey going! love it!...”

– uglydog44

“Thanks so much for sharing. it's hard, I think the hardest part about recovery isn't necessarily battling the cravings; that part gets so much...”

– Christy Hoffman

“Good luck in Utah! Can’t wait to hear all about it....”

– Ruby Tuesday

“This is the most motivational podcast ever. Mad respect!!!!....”

– John Davis

“Wow! That was one of the best. Thanks Dave. 🌹💀🌹💀...”

– Roy G. Biv

“dude. THIS is your bruce springsteen. starting at 57:00 ish * actually more like 56 minutes and change...”


“He did this from getting clean from cigarettes which everyone said it's the hardest...”

– Vincent Ramirez

“Good talk here today. Thank you Dave and Kavana (Kavanagh)! Cheers and #toodles...”

– Brendan Lamb